About us

In this new age of technology making yourself stand out can feel near-impossible. And with art scenes hidden from the masses, it’s only by knowing the right person or hitting the right algorithm that an independent artist can monetize their skills, right? Well, we at WeTilt feel differently.

Based in Rome, we are a team of young artists and art-lovers who are striving to give new independent artists a platform worthy of what they produce.

We understand that creating takes time, and the tools available today for artists wanting to share their work can be demanding which, ultimately, causes the art to suffer. With this in mind we hope to take a different approach to exhibiting art by making a space simple and inclusive.

As alluded to not only will our artists get to have their work displayed in exhibitions online, but also in our live pop-up exhibitions where pieces will be carefully selected and displayed alongside those of other artists from around the world.

Our mission is to make a career in art possible for all, in short WeTilt is a compendium of art with freedom of opportunity.