Meagan Carsience

"The digital photographs I produce are made in-camera, through a process I call experimental optics: I use a variable assortment of disassembled lens parts and other optical ephemera to harness light itself as form and subject. The process of experimentation and discovery is my art; the images that result are abstract by-products of chance, evidence of impermanence - both of the particular contraptions used to capture the image, and the fleeting millisecond of light in transit as the shutter clicks. I do not set out to communicate anything particular with my images, but rather to inspire the imagination of the audience as they contemplate the forms created by this abstraction of our illuminated world."

M. Carsience is an abstract photographer and multi-disciplinary artist who greatly enjoys exploring new ways of viewing the world, our selves, and our perceptions. Her aim as an artist is to ignite a state of mindful curiosity and inspire the innate creativity in each individual who finds connection with her work. She is based in Vancouver, Canada.