I come from a small village located in Navarre (northern Spain) which is surrounded by beautiful countryside, filled with all the trappings that nature has to offer. As a child I dreamt of becoming an architect and this is something which I feel, at its core, explains who I am as a person. For me it goes beyond the mere designing of structures, it’s a language in which I can truly express myself.

I was fortunate enough to study all of the aspects of architecture that interested me and, in doing so; accrued all the skills necessary to do justice to the dream I had when I was younger.

Having lived in parts of the world much different to my place of birth (such as Madrid and the Canary Islands), I learned to embrace my surroundings and use whatever artistic means I saw fit to represent them. Whether it be an urban space or somewhere a little closer to home, I always try to find the time to photograph, paint, draw or compose something that captures my adventure.