South Korea

My name is Jaein and I’m based in Seoul, South Korea. I majored in Politics and Philosophy at university, which is also where I started photography as a hobby during my freshman year. From time to time I take colour pictures but I’m mostly known for black & white.

At the moment I use Instagram as my portfolio, as it has the benefit of expanding the reach of my work to a worldwide audience. It’s also where I get to see and be inspired by works from other artists. For these reasons and more I find it a fascinating medium and it’s certainly a stark contrast to a time when SNS was not actively used.


Faded or Splendid

These pictures focus on abandoned fishnets which have been left in places along the harbor and remain untouched. Often the nets are thrown away with other rubbish but they were once colourful and served a purpose. The colours of the past may be dull compared to those of today but it shows that they once had life.