Barbara Vandendriessche

Capturing the Emotional Body 

For her pictures Belgian art-photographer Barbara Vandendriessche searches for the beauty in tragedy, melancholy and, sometimes, even in pain.

Her initial start in life was as a stage director, but a few years ago she decided to step out of the black box and instead focus on creating photographic projects; influenced by her work as a theater-maker and storyteller.

Though her photography is ‘theatrical’ in appearance, it’s important for Barbara that people look beyond the misconceptions generally applied to the term – a term which, through her work, she hopes to redefine. For her, ‘theatrilization’ is “the abstraction and enlargement of reality in order to evoke emotion in the viewer, not through reason, but by appealing directly to responses found in our ritual instincts”.

This is what Barbara hopes to represent in her photography: how to portray something in both a tragic and emotional way. She strives to create imagery that expresses and evokes emotion; filled with intensity, not intention. Art, for her, ought to inform you of something, even if it’s not immediately apparent what. The most often used medium for this unique expression of hers is in that of the female form.